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By Dr. Joe Michaels, Joe Sewell, Don Greer, Tom Tullis

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A-6 Intruder in motion КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ A-6 Intruder in motion (Aircraft 138)ByJoe MichaelsPublisher:Squadron/Signal courses Inc.1993 50PagesISBN: 0897473027PDF19 MBDuring 1955 the Navy's lengthy diversity targets examine workforce employees well-known that there has been a necessity for a brand new assault airplane. This plane may complement the Douglas A-l Skyraider and Douglas A-4 Skyhawk, in carrier with the sunshine assault squadrons and the Douglas A-3 Skywarrior and North American A-5 Vigilante in use with the heavy assault squadrons. The military sought after an assault airplane which could fly quicker, larger, and hold an even bigger and extra subtle number of guns over a better distance than the venerable A-l Skyraider or the light-weight A-4. one of many features that the hot layout was once to add was once the power to fly low-level missions at evening and less than all climatic conditions. This requirement was once thought of to be of paramount importance.In February of 1957 Grumman obtained kind Specification 149 besides Boeing, Douglas, Vought, Martin, Lockheed, Bell and North American Aviation. All of those compa­nies awarded their proposed designs and through December of 1957 the contest were diminished to Douglas, Grumman and Vought. On 30 December 1957 the army introduced that the Grumman airplane company, led through the layout workforce composed of Lawrence M. Mead, Robert Nafis and Bruce Tuttle, had received the layout competition.sharingmatrix letitbit zero

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