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4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. Instrument Object in Action Sentences Body Part Object in Reflexive Action Sentences Emotions Inexplicable Force Agent in Passive Sentences Matter in Action Sentences Matter in Process Sentences Comparison Manner Space Time Duration Transport Personal Characteristics Predicate Figure 7. Wierzbicka's network 36 Although Deserieva (1974 & 1977) also fails to provide networks for cases, her discussion of them as "semantic fields" is even more suggestive of this sort of structure.

4. Semantic/syntactic dichotomy (Kurylowicz, Isacenko) Another approach that has had many followers suggests that case is really two distinct phenomena which should be treated separately: semantic case and syntactic case. This distinction is clearly derived from the observation that 28 grammatical meaning differs from lexical meaning, discussed as "the third obstacle to a description of case semantics" in the preceding chapter. Kurylowicz (1960) outlined this theory,35 and even though he did not subject it to rigorous verification, it is evident that he found the syntactic and semantic components more difficult to disentangle than one might presume.

Localist theories of case (Anderson, Freidhof) In spite of the fact that in some versions localism incorporates the theoretical concepts of Fillmore and Chomsky, it is essentially a feature system-! with a special theme - everything is considered derivable from physical location or movement. As Miller (1986: 296) puts it, "localism is the thesis that semantic structures should be constructed in terms of objects being located in a place or moving from one place to another". Although the rigid application of semantic features is irreconcilable with cognitive semantics for reasons already given more's relations are identified with case roles,47 his descriptions of vant to our discussion.

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