New PDF release: A Guide to Radiation Protection

By J. Craig Robertson (auth.)

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Hence the energy of the neutron is transferred to the material in which it is captured. Neutrons can also transfer some of their energy to the material by 'bouncing ofr the nuclei in a manner similar to two billiard balls. In this case the neutron is not absorbed but continues on its way with less energy. For example, the transfer of energy from neutrons to the tissue of the body is the result of the neutrons colliding with the protons which form the nuclei of the hydrogen atoms present in the tissue.

Monitor the surface when dry. If a solid spill occurs, cover the spill with damp tissues and again mop up and monitor the surface. Should there be any contamination, the Code of Practice for the Protection of Persons Exposed to Ionising Radiations in Teaching and Research suggests the following methods for decontamination (1) Spilt liquid should be absorbed on paper tissue or 'Vermiculite'. Where dry material has been spilt and there is loose particulate contamination, the best method of decontamination may well be the application of a strippable coating by brush or spray.

The quantity obtained when the absorbed dose in rads is multiplied by a quality factor is known as the dose equivalent or rem. Following the International Committee on Radiological Protection this is most often called the dose, as in chapter 1 for example. Thus dose equivalent (rem) is obtained by multiplying the absorbed dose in rads by the appropriate quality factor. 1. P. 1 Type of radiation Use of quality factors Quality factor Energy of radiation 2·5 10 All energies. For very low energy (J particles with energy not greater than 0·03 MeV the QF is increased to I · 7 Energy less than 0·01 MeV All energies of alpha particles X-rays, y-rays, (J particles Slow neutrons Fast neutrons, alpha particles Let us see how the rem is used in any given situation.

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