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By W. B. Yeats

ISBN-10: 1476792119

ISBN-13: 9781476792118

A brand new annotated variation of Yeats’s integral, lifelong paintings of philosophy—a meditation at the connections among the mind's eye, heritage, and the metaphysical—this quantity finds the poet’s maximum ideas at the occult.

First released in 1925, after which considerably revised via the writer in 1937, A Vision is a different paintings of literary modernism, and revelatory advisor to Yeats’s personal poetry and pondering. fundamental to an realizing of the poet’s overdue paintings, and entrancing by itself benefit, the e-book provides the “system” of philosophy, psychology, historical past, and the lifetime of the soul that Yeats and his spouse, George, got and created by way of mediumistic experiments from 1917 during the early Twenties. Yeats obsessively revised the unique publication that he wrote in 1925, and the 1937 model is the definitive model of what Yeats desired to say.

Now, awarded in a scholarly version for the 1st time by means of Yeats students Catherine E. Paul and Margaret turbines Harper, the 1937 model of A Vision is a crucial, crucial literary source and a must have for all severe readers of Yeats.

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An entire tradition developed about him: guided by his mother, the goddess Venus – for like Achilles he was semi-divine – he escaped from Troy with his father Anchises, his son Ascanius and his ancestral gods – this was the beginning of the legend of his pietas – and after much wandering about the Mediterranean world reached Hesperia (Italy, land of the west) where he settled in Latium, the modern Lazio, the region north of Rome. This story was recorded by the Greek historian Hellanicus (5th century bc) and developed by later writers, both Greek and Roman.

The tradition that these lines were Virgil’s still flourished in the Renaissance; they are closely imitated by Spenser at the beginning of his epic The Faerie Queene: Lo I the man, whose Muse whilom did mask, As time her taught, in lowly shepherd’s weeds, Am now enforced a far unfitter task, For trumpets stern to change mine oaten reeds And sing of knights and ladies’ gentle deeds. 22 THE AENEID The canonical opening of the Aeneid was, however, famous enough to have been almost a clich´e in antiquity: arma uirumque, ‘arms and the man’, has been found scribbled on the walls of Pompeii, and was quoted as the catchphrase of the epic by Ovid, Persius, Seneca, Martial and Quintilian; it was used as the title of a play by Bernard Shaw.

5, is hexametrical) and it was a natural choice for the young Virgil when he sought to emulate Theocritean pastoral. The Greek hexameter is largely dactylic, the Latin one uses far more spondees, because of the nature of the Latin language, which has far more long syllables. A dactyl is a foot consisting of a long syllable followed by two short ones, a spondee consists of two long syllables. The hexameter consists of six ‘feet’ (six ‘beats’ to the line) disposed as follows: −vv / −vv / −vv / −vv / −vv / − − − − / − − / − − / − − / −vv / −v The fact that Virgil’s three compositions are all in the same metre naturally facilitates self-quotation, and gives the reader a sense of continuity from work to work.

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