James Land Jones's Adam's Dream: Mythic Consciousness in Keats and Yeats PDF

By James Land Jones

ISBN-10: 0820303402

ISBN-13: 9780820303406

The author's primary function is to teach that the poetry of Keats and Yeats is educated by way of a collection of assumptions, a method of apprehension, which marks it as a definite type of poetry: Romantic poetry characterised specifically by means of the weather of mythic considering analyzed via Cassirer and Eliade.


Introduction: The purpose for Myth
Chapter One: Soul Making
I "Curious Conscience"
II "My powerful id, My actual Self
III "A Greeting of the Spirit"
Chapter : solidarity of Being
I "Energy" and "Essence"
II "Beauty in All Things"
Chapter 3: The significant Idea
I "From Feathers to Iron"
II "An Interchange of Favors"
III "Time Annihilate"
IV "The Finer Tone"
Chapter 4: the nice Moment
I "There all of the Gyres Converge in One"
II "Fellowship Divine"
Chapter 5: Melancholy's Sovran Shrine
I "The beaches of Memory"
II the 2 Hyperions
Conclusion: Adam's Dream

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