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By R. Pant J. P. Fielding

Plane layout 2 (1999) 239 - 255

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This is not a necessary restriction, since the effects of rotation can be included in the analysis2. However, the problem becomes more complicated than is really justified, particularly as the swirl velocities in typical helicopter operation, as will be shown later, are usually negligible. (iii) The slipstream of the rotor is a clearly defined mass of moving air outside which the air is practically undisturbed. A further assumption of the classic actuator disc theory is that the pressure in the ultimate slipstream is the same as the pressure of the surrounding undisturbed air.

Viewed from the no-feathering axis the cyclic feathering is, by definition, zero but the angle of the tip path plane is a1s – B1. On the other hand, viewed from the tip path plane, the flapping is zero but the feathering amplitude is B1 – a1s. Thus feathering and flapping can be interchanged and either may be made to vanish by the appropriate choice of axis. The ability to select an axis relative to which either the feathering or flapping vanishes is useful in simplifying the analysis of rotor blade motion and for interpreting rotor behaviour.

5 Feathering motion It is assumed that the flapping and lagging angles are zero and that the blade feathers through angle θ (Fig. 10). The angular velocity components about i, j, k are θ˙ , Ω sin θ, Ω cos θ. 8) The second and third of Euler’s equations show that the feathering motion produces no flapping moment but a lagging moment of –2Aθ˙ Ω sin θ. This latter moment is extremely small compared with the flapping Coriolis moment and can be neglected. 2) is d2β/dt2 + Ω2(1 + ε)β = MA/B It is convenient to change the independent variable from time to blade azimuth angle by means of ψ = Ωt.

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