Alphanetics by Owen Skousen PDF

By Owen Skousen

A five cassette path for deveoping fast studying. additionally includes guide.

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TIMED INTERVALS TAPE EXERCISES Prepare your simple practice book. Open t for your practice. Prepare your Timed Intervals Tape. Follow i nstructions carefully for each timed period. At the end of each period, return here to read the instructions for the next period. Begin with Exercise 1 Period 1. Relax and move smoothly. DO IT NOW! EXERCISE ONE Period 1. Read with understanding. Determine your rate and enter it on the large Reading Practice Record Sheet. Use the hand to help yourself along if you want to.

This instant understanding is called comprehension. The ability to bring back information, or an experience, from your subconscious memory banks, when you choose to do so, is remembering or recalling This skill is not easily developed. It must be developed, however, in order for it to be used as you want to use it. The extent to which you can do so is a demonstration of your skill level. UNDERSTANDING Many people have the great misunderstanding that because they can read and pronounce the words on a page, they will automatically understand what the words mean.

As you receive instructions, you will hear a “beat” sound in the background. You should move your hand across the page with each beat. Stay with the beat. Move your hand across the page with every beat, return your hand quickly and move back across the page with the next beat. Stay with the beat. As you move your hand smoothly, keep your eyes moving with the middle finger. Don’t let your eyes drag behind your hand. DON’T TRY TO READ. The more smoothly your eyes move, the better you will see and the faster you will read.

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