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By Lawrence W. Gross

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Only a few reports have tested the worldview of the Anishinaabeg from in the tradition itself and none have explored the Anishinaabe worldview when it comes to their efforts to take care of their tradition within the present-day global. This ebook fills that hole. Focusing typically at the Minnesota Anishinaabeg, Lawrence Gross explores how their worldview works to create a holistic approach to life. notwithstanding, as Gross additionally argues, the Anishinaabeg observed the tip in their global early within the twentieth century and skilled what he calls 'postapocalypse rigidity syndrome.' As such, the ebook extra explores how the values engendered via the worldview of the Anishinaabeg are discovering expression within the smooth global as they search to rebuild their society.

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Hopefully, it will contribute to the dialogue going on within American Indian communities about how we can best survive as American Indian people in modern times. If the book contributes to that conversation, I will consider it a success. I would like to end with a few words about the conventions and methodology informing the presentation of the material in this book. First, in regard to conventions, I will use both “Native American” and “American Indian” in reference to the first peoples of the Americas.

For now, I would like to give one of my spiritual mentors, Tom Shingobe, the last word. In talking about the history of our people he said, “Before you could live without money. ” And that pretty well sums up our experience. Before the White Earth tragedy, the Anishinaabeg were negotiating their entry into the cash economy on their own terms. Some were more fully engaged with the modern economy while others maintained more of a subsistence lifestyle. The point is, they were working it out for themselves.

First, we will want to note that the children of Holocaust survivors do indeed have an increased vulnerability to posttraumatic stress disorder. Also, while the children of Holocaust survivors may generally be well adjusted, they may be subject to periods of anxiety and depression. So there seem to be ways in which the trauma of the parents can be transmitted to their children. Interestingly enough, the mental capacities that helped Holocaust survivors also seem to have been passed on to their children, so the children of Holocaust survivors have a contradictory mix of vulnerabilities and resilience.

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