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3 illustrates common schedule-oriented terms in the UP. Notice that one development cycle (which ends in the release of a system into production) is composed of many iterations. 19 2 - ITERATIVE DEVELOPMENT AND THE UNIFIED PROCESS development cycle iteration inc. elaboration milestone An iteration endpoint when some significant decision or evaluation occurs. phase construction transition release increment A stable executable subset of the final product. The end of each iteration is a minor release.

The preceding inception phase is akin to a feasibility study to decide if it is even worth investing in exploratory drilling. Only after exploration (elaboration) do we have the data and insight to make somewhat believable estimates and plans. Therefore, in iterative development and the UP, plans and estimates are not to be considered reliable in the inception phase. They merely provide an order-of-magnitude sense of the level of effort, to aid the decision to continue or not. 2 Inception May Be Very Brief The intent of inception is to establish some initial common vision for the objectives of the project, determine if it is feasible, and decide if it is worth some seri- 36 WHAT ARTIFACTS MAY START IN INCEPTION?

A key idea is that iterations are timeboxed, or fixed in length. For example, if the next iteration is chosen to be four weeks long, then the partial system should be integrated, tested, and stabilized by the scheduled date—date slippage is discouraged. If it seems that it will be difficult to meet the deadline, the recommended response is to remove tasks or requirements from the iteration, and include them in a future iteration, rather than slip the completion date. Chapter 37 summarizes reasons for timeboxing.

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