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Who acknowledged that during brief we will be able to no longer do what's important? it is a booklet extremely simple, very brief yet have been we will be able to study the fundamentals of Archaeology, and comprehend what an excellent paintings this is often.

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In this century, one major figure – venerated all the more because, like some pop stars, he died young at Archaeology the peak of his fame – was Michael Ventris, an architect who declared in 1952 that he had deciphered Linear B, an early script from the Aegean, as an archaic form of Greek (although the script was found on Crete, there is no truth in the tale that one tablet read ‘It is a small thing but Minoan’). He was met – like most pioneers – not by congratulations but by indignant howls of denial from fellow specialists.

But despite this flagrant diversity, many people who study rock art – or even just Ice Age art – have an inherent tendency to put single, all-encompassing explanations on it. In fact this happens in every aspect of archaeology and it is perhaps an inbuilt fault in scholarship that as soon as one stumbles upon what seems like a good idea (usually borrowed from someone else, preferably in another discipline), there is an irresistible urge to apply it to everything in sight, and subjugate every aspect of a supremely diverse phenomenon to a steamroller interpretation.

Been the same and can therefore be reliably predicted when reconstructing the past. These are enormous assumptions to make, especially as we can never be sure they are justified, but they are crucial because without them archaeology simply could not function. If we cannot guess with some accuracy how humans in the past would have reacted in a given set of circumstances, we might as well give up the Archaeology challenge and become anthropologists – it’s far less of a headache. 16 Chapter 2 Making a Date Studying the past is of little point if you don’t know how old things are, or at least which ones are older than others.

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