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NL 01/ 2012- 20 February 2012 Read....

NL 01/ 2012- 20 February 2012

Dear Confreres,

Congress 2012 was superb and momentous in all respects very specially as regard to the divine providence, proceedings and participation. The day after the conclusion of the Congress, the Provincial Council met together to evaluate the Congress and give impetus to its decisions and conclusions. The Council in one voice expressed its joy and satisfaction on all the aspects of the Congress and found it to be resourceful and remarkable. Certainly, it was truly guided by the Spirit and animated by Pallottine ethos. The Council wholeheartedly thanked the members of the Organization Committee for their hard work in making the Congress a grand success. The Council also thanks each of you for sparing your time for this significant Congress. We appreciate your valuable contribution in reviewing our goals, revitalizing our mission and apostolate and recommending strategies for improving our life and ministry.

We are presently in the Jubilee year of the canonization of our founder. Many programs are being planned on the Province level to mark this event by the Jubilee Committee that has been set up. At the same time it is good that each Local Community, individual community and each confrere plan their own program to meaningfully celebrate this event. Celebrating the jubilee of the canonization of St. Vincent Pallotti stirs in the heart of each and every one of us the desire to enter into our hearts and recognize in it the dwelling place of God. Vincent was declared a saint because he lived love fully, he knew how to love and follow Christ in daily life; and from him we learn that it is possible for all to follow this path.

Let me earnestly exhort you on the vocation promotion which is of utmost importance in the coming days. Vocation camps are planned and let us help our vocation promoters in finding out genuine vocations. It is a duty of everyone to find good vocations. Finally in our daily prayer let us pray for vocations with our founder St. Vincent Pallotti “Sent forth, O Lord, laborers into your vineyard and spare your people”.

Yours fraternally,


Fr. Augustine Varickakal SAC

Provincial Rector

01.Official Felicitation Accorded to Rector General

On 06 January 2012, Very Rev. Fr. Jacob Nampudakam, the Rector General, was accorded a formal felicitation on behalf of the Province for being the first Non European to be elected to the post of the Rector General. It was held at Maria Rani Center, Trivandrum. It consisted of a solemn Eucharistic celebration followed by a Felicitation Programme during which he was honoured with a shawl, gifts and words of congrats and best wishes.


02. Sacerdotal Golden Jubilee Celebrations of Frs. Kolbe and Manfred

Rev. Frs. Tony M. Kolbe and Manfred Hauck, the pioneering missionaries, were felicitated on the Sacerdotal Golden Jubilee of their priesthood on 08 January 2012 at MRC, Trivandrum. In the felicitation ceremony they were thanked for their selfless missionary works that have given the Pallottines a solid foundation in our land.


03. Priestly Ordinations

Four of our deacons will be ordained priests in their respective home parishes. The dates of their ordinations are as follows:

Rev. Sijo Arakkal - April 16, 2012

Rev. Mejo Jose Vattoli - April 17, 2012

Rev. Jophine Jose - April 19, 2012

Rev. Santhosh Antony Koyickal - April 23, 2012

Congratulations and God’s blessings upon our Ordinandis! We also congratulate them for the successful completion of Theology from Prabodhana, Mysore.


04. Retreat for Deacons

The Retreat in preparation of priestly ordination for the deacons is scheduled in the month of March 2012. The details of the retreat are as follows:

Preacher: Rev. Fr. Noel Molloy, OP

Venue: Pallotti Bhawan, Nagpur

Dates: 20-25 March 2012

We wish them all the very best for the retreat!


05. Ongoing Formation Programme

Ongoing Formation Programme for the batches ordained in 2003 and 2004 has been arranged. It begins on April 20, 2012 at 18.00 hrs and ends on April 26, 2012 at 18.00 hrs. It will be held at Salesian College, Sonada P.O. Darjeeling District, West Bengal. Kindly note that it is mandatory for all the members of these batches to participate in the programme. For travel and other details kindly contact Rev. Fr. James Joseph, the Director of PAC, Nagpur. His email id is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and mobile number: 9766712796.


06. Mission Sunday

The Pallottine Mission Sunday is being celebrated during the season of Lent for quite some time in our Province. Pallottine Mission Sunday for the year 2011 was well celebrated by the confreres, parishes and communities. Thank you very much for the enthusiasm and the interest you have shown. This year too we request all of you to make the Pallottine Mission Sunday a great event in your respective areas of work. It should be a day set apart to conscientize people about their responsibility as missionaries and their duty to support those who are in missions. Please organize the Pallottine Mission Sunday on any one of the Sundays during Lent according to your convenience. More information will be sent to you personally at the earliest.

Fr. Antony Kaithaparambil

07. Information on Next Transfers/Appointments

The Provincial Council Meeting held on 8-9 February 2012 at Pallotti Bhawan, Nagpur has decided to bring to effect the next Transfers/Appointments on 15 May against the customary date, 01 June. It is aimed at the smooth handing over of offices before the beginning of academic year.


08. Dismissal from the Society

Santhosh Anakkallil, a professed member of our Province has contracted Civil Marriage contrary to his Promises and thus has incurred the penalty of automatic dismissal according to Canon 694, § 1,2. On 10 February 2012 by the virtue of the Canon Law and the Law of the Society, very Rev. Fr. Augustine Varickakal, the Provincial Rector, with the consent of the Provincial Consultors, has declared that the above-named member is automatically dismissed from the Society of the Catholic Apostolate.


09. Excardination from the Society

Rev. Fr. Joseph Vazhupadickal has been officially incardinated to the diocese of Columbus, Ohio, USA. Letter to this effect was issued by Most Rev. Frederick F. Campbell, Bishop of Columbus, on 10 January 2012. Very Rev. Fr. Rector General had conceded to Fr. Joseph Vazhupadickal the idult to leave the Society of the Catholic Apostolate on 25 July 2011. The process which began several years ago has finally concluded and we wish Fr. Joseph Vazhupadickal all the best in his priestly ministry.


10. Visit by the Provincial of the Sacred Heart Province

Very Rev. Fr. Hans Peter Becker together with Ms. Elisabeth Baierlein made a short visit to India during the first weeks of February 2012. They visited the communities in Nagpur and Trivandrum. It was an informal and friendly visit.


11. Vocation Camp at Pallottigiri

Vocation Orientation Camp for the candidates from Kerala who wish to join us is planned to be held at Pallottigiri, Trivandrum from 26-29 March 2012. It is the follow up of the several camps conducted by our vocation promoters during the last Christmas vacation. Please motivate the students in your places of ministry to participate in this camp.


12. CBSE Affiliation Granted to St. Vincent Pallotti Central School, Trichur

After years of consistent efforts our School at Trichur is finally affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSC). The letter to this effect was issued by the Board on 24 November 2011 and the affiliation number is 930828. We congratulate and thank all the confreres who worked tirelessly for this end very specially Rev. Fr. Antony Roswan, the present manger of the School.


13. Blessing of Auditorium & Annual Concert at St. Vincent Pallotti School, Nagpur

St. Vincent Pallotti School at Nagpur organized a five-day annual concert from 17-21 December 2011. On the first day the students of high school staged the cultural event and on the second day by the students of primary section. The following three days the tiny tots of nursery, LKG and UKG staged programme respectively. The annual concerts were well attended and appreciated. On 20 December 2011 the newly built auditorium of the school was blessed and inaugurated at the hands of very Rev. Fr. Augustine Varickakal, the Provincial Rector.


14. On Campus ATM Inaugurated at St. Vincent Pallotti College, Nagpur

The on campus ATM installed at our Engineering College in Nagpur by the Federal Bank Ltd. was inaugurated on 21 January 2012 at the hands of the Chairman of the Nagpur Pallottine Society, very Rev. Fr. Augustine Varickakal. The Management and staff members of the College and Bank were present on the occasion. For further news log on to:


15. Blessing of the New Computer Lab at PAC, Nagpur

The Pallottine Animation center, Nagpur has opened a new computer lab to make the people in the locality computer literates. The lab was blessed and inaugurated at the hands of very Rev. Fr. Shanti Prakash Panna on 17 February 2012. To begin with it offers MS-CIT (Maharashtra State-Certificate in Information Technology) course for the beginners.


16. Charismatic Convention held at Kimin, Arunachal Pradesh

A Charismatic convention was conducted at the new Kimin Parish upon the mountain near the Kimin check post from 20-24 January 2012. Even though the Kimin parish is small with only 6 mission stations, more than 800 people gathered for the Convention. It was a lively, prayerful and soul stirring scene where a number of healings took place. In fact , it was a thrilling experience to notice how the living Word of God like two edged sword cut and penetrated the soul of the devotees who were moved and filled with the Spirit. The retreat was conducted by the Charismatic Team from Patna led by Fr. George Karamayil S.J and Sr. Pushpa of the Holy Cross Congregation. Thus the body of the Christian community has been systematically built up before the structures of the Church are constructed. Fr. Augustine Kolencherry


17. Meeting of the Conference of Major Superiors

A meeting of the Conference of the Major Superiors of the Pallottines in India was held at Casa Pallotti, Assagao on 1-2 February 2012. It studied and approved the budget of the common houses for the year 2012 -2013. The meeting reviewed the functioning of the common houses and studied the recommendations of the formation commission. It has decided to convene a joint meeting of all three Provincial Councils, formation commission and rectors of Pradeepa and Prabodhana to evaluate and improve the present formation programme. It will be held at Pallotti Bhawan, Nagpur on 01 March 2012.


18. UAC-NCCIn Meeting

A meeting of the UAC National Coordination Council of India was held at Pallotti Bhawan, Nagpur on February 17, 2012. The meeting discussed the statutes of the UAC-NCCIn and planned various programme to mark the Jubilee of the Canonization of the founder.


19. First UAC Lay Members from Trivandrum Make Apostolic Commitment to UAC

The Local Community of Trivandrum has taken a concrete step towards forming of a UAC group in Trivandrum. On 22 January 2012, the feast St. Vincent Pallotti, 14 lay faithful took the apostolic commitment to UAC and have resolved to live the apostolic mandate. Rev. Fr. Mathew Panakal accepted their commitment. We convey our gratitude to the confreres in Trivandrum for grooming this UAC group.


20. Six Lay persons from Nagpur make Apostolic Commitment to UAC

Six lay persons from Nagpur made apostolic commitment to UAC during the solemn Eucharist celebration officiated by Very Rev. Fr. Jacob Nampudakam, the Rector General on 26 December 2011, on the feast of St. Stephen. After several years of collaboration with Pallottines in Nagpur and two years of formation, these six chose to make the act of commitment to lead an apostolic life following the teachings of St. Vincent Pallotti. It has raised the number of lay UAC members in Nagpur to 45.


21.The UAC Theological Congress 2012

A symposium on the “Theological Foundations and Pastoral Implication of Pallottine Charism” is being organized by the National Promoter of UAC Formation, Rev. Fr. Thomas Vijay from 14-18 May 2012 at MRC, Trivandrum. It will be an opportunity to gain a deep theological understanding of the charism. All are encouraged to participate in this symposium.

Arrival : 14 May 2012

Inaugural Eucharist : 18:00 hrs on 14 May 2012.

Departure : 19 May morning


22. New Delegate Council of CSAC in India

The delegature of the Sisters of the Catholic Apostolate in India has now a new delegate Superior and Council. They are:


Very Rev. Sr. Lucy Thomas Kattapuram - Delegate Superior

Rev. Sr. Beena Nanattu - Councilor

Rev. Sr. Gretta D’Souza - Councilor

Rev. Sr. Susheela Sandygappa - Councilor

Rev. Sr. Lali Pezhathumkal - Councilor


The new Delegate Council has assumed office on 02 February 2012 for a three year term. We wish them every success and pray that the new council may experience God’s blessings and obtain every grace for the creative fulfillment of all the obligations of the office they assume.


23. Missionary Meet in the diocese of Palai

Mar Joseph Kallarangatt, Bishop of Palai, has informed that the diocese of Palai is organizing a Missionary Meet of all the priests and religious of the Eparchy of Palai as part of the Syro Malabar Mission Year. It is scheduled for 30 April 2012 at Ramapuram, where the mortal remains of BI. Kunjachan lie buried. The details are available at The confreres hailing from the diocese of Pala are encouraged to participate in this Meet.


24. New Mobile Number

The new mobile number of Rev. Fr. Thomas Kureekattil is 8827704602.


25. Condolences!

  • Mrs. Celine Paulose, beloved mother of Rev. Fr. Joah Paul Choorackal passed away on 09 February 2012.
  • Mrs. Rosa George, beloved mother of Rev. Fr. Chackochen Mundathanam passed away on 16 February 2012.


We express our heartfelt sympathies to these confreres and to their families at this time of pain and sorrow. Let us offer prayers for the repose of the departed souls.


26. Next Council Meetings

a) 02 March 2012 – Pallotti Bhawan, Nagpur

b) 14 - 15 March 2012 – Pallotti Alayam, Aluva

c) 12 - 13 April 2012 – Pallottigiri, Trivandrum