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NL 01, 2009


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NL 01 / 2009

January 09, 2009

Dear confreres,


We are in the octave of the feast of Epiphany, a liturgical celebration popularized in the Church by our founder since 1836. With the variety of rites and languages employed in its liturgical celebration and the participation of all ranks of people, it was intended to be a visible manifestation of the universality of the Church and a time of prayer for its unity and wholeness. Our Province is named after this great feast and I wish you all unity, harmony, and blessings of the feast of Epiphany and pray that our Province may treasure its commitment to unity and universality.


At the feast of Epiphany, we fondly remember the Magi who came from faraway lands to worship the baby Jesus. They came guided by a star. Through the star they were able to learn of the birth of Jesus the Saviour and find their way to Him. Apart from the star, they were guided by the Scriptures. The Scripture reveals to them the whereabouts of the birth of Jesus through the lips of Herod, the chief priests and the teachers of the law. Another important factor that enabled them to witness the manifestation of Christ was their resolute perseverance that motivated them to travel untiringly miles and miles, all the way from the East. Their perseverance, coupled with their loyalty and companionship, resulted in their meeting with God made man. And, it is for such kind of perseverance that we need to long for today!


The Law of our Society speaks of the promise of Perseverance in the three articles (LSAC 34, 35, 36). These articles state that in following Christ we need to be faithful to our vocation and to persevere in the Society until death. We pledge ourselves to work untiringly for the development of the Society, for the realization of its aims, and to be loyal to it in times of happiness and hardship. Such a spirit unites us in a bond of close companionship, so that we belong to the Community and Community belongs to us. We share in one another’s joys and sorrows; we support one another in our difficulties so that our commitment may be lasting and fruitful. Nobody trips over mountains. It is the small pebble that causes us to stumble. Pass all the pebbles in our path and we will find that we have crossed the mountain.Learning from the magi, we too resolve to persevere in fidelity, loyalty and companionship to surpass the pebbles of life that could keep us away from the true Light manifested, Jesus Christ- “a light of revelations to the gentiles and glory to the people of Israel.” Let us pray that we all live up to this ideal of perseverance.


Fraternally yours,


Fr. Augustine Varickakal

Provincial Rector

01. Appointments

  1. The Standing Committee of the CBCI has extended the term of Rev. Fr. Varghese Pullan as the Executive Secretary of the CBCI Commission for Laity for another three years. The Provincial Council in its last meeting has endorsed this appointment.


  1. The General Council, in its session on 28 November 2008, has appointed Rev. Fr. James Anchukandathil as a member of the new “Historical Commission” of the Society, with its mandate starting on January 01, 2009 to December 31, 2011.

We convey to them our hearty congratulations and best wishes in the new appointment.


02. Visitation by the General Administration

As informed in NL 05/2008, No.74 and CL 06, 2008 the General Visitation of our Province will take place from February 01 to February 28, 2009. The Visitators will have a personal meeting with each confrere and a meeting with the Local Community as a whole. The meeting with the Local Community will consist of half a day of recollection, inputs on Pallottine Spirituality and Charism, Eucharistic celebration and common recreation. Please make sure that you are free on the respective days for a fruitful recollection and interaction with members of General Administration and confreres.


03. Jubilarian of 2009

Rev. Fr. Kuriakose Mekkaracherril has entered the Jubilee year of his Priestly Ordination (December 2008 – December 2009). We convey to him our hearty congratulations and best wishes. May the Lord bless him and keep him close to Himself.


04. Blessing and Inauguration

1. Re-constructed Church at Kavalangadu

The re-constructed Mount Carmel Church at Kavalangadu was blessed and consecrated on 28th of December, 2008. Rt. Rev. Sebastain Thekkathecheril, bishop of Vijayapuram, assisted by the Provincial, Very Rev. Fr. Augustine Varickakal, officiated the consecration ceremony. Many of our confreres and religious from in and around Kavalangadu graced the occasion. We extend our hearty congratulations to Fr. Varghese Madan and the parishioners for their tireless efforts in realizing this dream.


2. St. Vincent Mental Health Clinic

On December 22, 2008 Very Rev. Fr. Augustine Varickakal SAC, blessed and inaugurated “St. Vincent Mental Health Clinic” near Medical College in Pallotti Building, Trivandrum. Members from the Trivandrum Local Community and friends associated with Pallotti Building were present for the function. Rev. Fr. Antony Herald Roswan SAC, the Local Rector, welcomed all who were present for the blessing ceremony, and congratulated Fr. Joshi SAC, for heading this venture after the successful completion of his studies in Clinical Psychology. St. Vincent Mental Health Clinic is a concrete step taken to extend our apostolate to the field of holistic health. The clinic is equipped to conduct all forms of psychotherapy and psychological testing including diagnostic psychometry.


06. Purchase of Land for Formation House in Lusaka, Zambia

A good piece of land measuring to 23 acres is purchased in Lusaka in view of opening a formation house. The whole property is adjacent to the main road in the west side of Lusaka. In this plot there is a house with four bed rooms, large enough to accommodate two or three persons each. There is a built up poultry shed and another one ready up to the roof level. It has an electricity transformer, a bore well and a water tank. The entire property is wire-fenced. It is situated 29 kilometers away from the Lusaka city. Many thanks to the hard work of Fr. Shaji Mathew and Fr. Sijoy Thomas!


07. The IX Consultative Congress of the SAC Major Superiors

The IX Consultative Congress of the SAC Major Superiors was held at Vale Veneto, Brazil from 10th to 17th November, 2008. “The Cenacle: Its Prophetic and Missionary Dimensions in the SAC/UAC in the Present and in the Future” was the theme of the Congress. There were 38 participants, including the General Administration. The three SAC Major superiors from India took part in this Congress. The Congress on the whole deliberated on the questions like: “how can we return to the fire of our charism?, how can we bring about more explosion rather than implosion in our life as religious?, if the Pallottines would one day disappear from the ecclesiastical map, what would the Church and the people miss?,” etc.


08. The Continental Meeting of the Pallottine Superiors in Africa

The Continental Meeting of the African Pallottines will take place at Merrivale, South Africa from January 11-17, 2009. The theme of the meeting is Africa, Quo Vadis? The Provincial Very Rev. Fr. Augustine Varickakal and Fr. Sijoy Thomas Thiruthalil will attend this Meeting, in light of our presence in Africa. The Meeting would help us to explore ways of deepening our collaboration with other Pallottine entities present in Africa. The Meeting also gains importance especially in view of our plans towards opening a formation house in Lusaka to promote local vocations.


09. Pallottine Youth Forum International (PYF)

After the pilgrimage to Australia for the World Pallottine Youth Encounter and the World Youth Day 2008, the students of St. Vincent Pallotti College of Engineering and Technology have embarked upon a new journey with a hope and desire to be closer to God and to be at the service of man by forming a group of active youths under “The Pallottine Youth Forum International” banner. Sixty students from the College have joined the Forum. Being a part of UAC, PYF is aimed at to bring together young people who are motivated by their love of Jesus to work for positive changes in the society and for the welfare of mankind. Students and young people of various Pallottine institutions and parishes and those attracted by the charism and spirit of St. Vincent Pallotti and the Pallottines can become members.Many thanks and congratulations to Rev. Fr. George Madeikkal, who is instrumental in its realization!


10. Seminars on Theological, Spiritual and Pastoral Dimensions of Our Charism

The National Coordination Council of UAC in India organized two seminars on the “Theological, Spiritual and Pastoral Dimensions of Our Charism”. The first seminar was held at PAC, Nagpur, from December 27 - 30, 2008.It was animated by Rev. Fr. Frank Donio and Fr. Vijay Thomas. Fr. Donio is a member of the UAC General Coordination Council, President and General Treasurer of National Coordination Council, USA, and Vice-Provincial of Immaculate Conception Province, USA. This seminar was attended by 43 members– 31 sisters and 12 fathers from the three entities in India. The second seminar was held at PILLAR, Madurai, from January 02-05, 2009. It was animated by Rev. Fr. Frank Donio and Fr. Irudaya Rajesh Johnson. There were 33 participant– 16 fathers and 17 sisters.

11. General Coordination Council of UAC for 2008 – 2011

The third General Assembly of the Union of Catholic Apostolate, held at the Centro di Spiritualità San Vincenzo Pallotti, Grottaferrata, from December 01-04, 2008 has elected the new General Coordination Council of the Union of Catholic Apostolate:


A) Ex-officio Members:

1.Fr. Fritz Kretz, SAC, Rector General of the Society of the Catholic Apostolate

2.Sr. Serena Cambiaghi, CSAC, Superior General of the Congregation of the Sisters

of the Catholic Apostolate

3.Sr. Stella Holisz, SAC, Superior General of the Congregation of the Missionary

Sisters of the Catholic Apostolate


B) Elected Members:


  1. Fr. Derry Murphy, SAC, Ireland,
  2. Fr. Frank Donio, SAC, U.S.A.
  3. Mr. Corrado Montaldo, Italy,
  4. Ms. Maria Domke, Canada,
  5. Sr. Josélia Giuliani, CSAC, Brazil,


  1. Ms. Cheryl Sullivan, Australia,
  2. Mr. Dario Ivatiuk Junior, Brazil,
  3. Mr. Marek Kalka, Poland,
  4. Sr. Marta Litawa, SAC, Rwanda-Congo,

10. Sr. Josephina D’Souza, SAC, India.

We congratulate the newly elected General Coordination Council and wish God’s choicest blessings and success in all its initiatives. We specially congratulate Rev. Sr. Josephina D’Souza, SAC, the representative from India in the Council.


12. New Region of the Most Holy Trinity - Cameroon/Nigeria

On December 08, 2008, a new dependent Pallottine Region with the name of the Most Holy Trinity, constituted by clubbing together the SAC Communities in the two African countries of Cameroon and Nigeria, was officially erected by the Rector General. The inaugural Eucharistic celebration, presided over by the Rector General was attended by numerous guests and religious from Cameroon. We wish every blessing of God on the new Region for the realization of the Pallottine charism in its local cultural scenario.


13. Condolences!

  • Mrs. Rosa Paul, beloved Mother of Fr. Benedict Kannadan passed away on November 17, 2008.
  • Mrs. Mary Paulose, beloved mother of Fr. Joseph Koovely passed away on December 17,


We express our heartfelt condolences to these confreres and to their families at this time of pain and sorrow. Let us offer prayers for the repose of these departed souls.


14. New Email ID

Provincial Bursar : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fr. Emmanuel Joshi : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


15. Next Council Meeting

The next meeting is slated for February 27- March 01, 2009 at Pallotti Bhawan, Nagpur.



News Flash


ABVM Province(PNL-06-2008)


1. Appointments

Fr. Fredrick D’Souza is appointed as the Chaplain of the Apostleship of the Sea (Stella Maris) by the Archbishop of Goa.


2. Blessing and Inauguration

a. Blessing and Inauguration of St. Joseph’s Church, Chennai

The beautifully and aesthetically constructed St. Joseph’s church at Rajaji Nagar, Chennai was consecrated and dedicated by His Escellency Rt. Rev. Dr. Neethinathan, Bishop of Chengelpet on Sunday, 27 July 2008. We congratulate and appreciate the hard work of Fr. Xavier Rayappan, SAC in realizing this long standing dream of the parishioners of Rajaji Nagar. The event was attended by a large number of Parishioners, Pallottine confreres and friends.


b. Blessing and Inauguration of Pallottine Study House: Anbahan, Chennai

The blessing of the new Chapel and study house by His Excellency Rt. Rev. Dr. Neethinanthan, Bishop of Chengelpet was held on Saturday 12 July 2008; later Fr. Thomas Kurusappan inaugurated the new house. Our confreres and well wishers attended the ceremony. May the Lord bless abundantly all those who began and assisted in the completion of this project for their generosity and good will!


c. Divine Mercy Pastoral Centre

The foundation stone for the Divine Mercy Pastoral Center at Kaliyal, was laid by the Provincial Rev. Fr. Susayan Sathyanesan on 18 September 2008 in the presence of many religious and laity.


3. Addresses/Phone Numbers

Fr. Jacob Alvares (Asst. Pastor) Fr. Balaji Boyalla (Asst. Pastor)

St. George Catholic Church Holy Family Catholic Church

825 Karnes Street 6150 Pershing Avenue

Fort Worth, TX 76111 – 5928 Fort Worth, TX 76107


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