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NL 01, 2008



NL 01 / 2008

Jan 14, 2008

Dear confreres,

The Feast of the Epiphany of the Lord is very dear to the Pallottine family all over and more so to us, the members of the Prabhu Prakash Province. We live in a context that demands from us the “spirit of Epiphany”. Therefore we need to follow the example of magi who searched the Lord with great humility. As the new Council took charge of the Province on January 6, 2008 we pledged our commitment to follow the Lord as the guiding star with eagerness and sincerity. We foresee a lot of challenges and difficulties ahead of us, but we are confident that the Lord will strengthen us with the prayers and support of our confreres. I would like to acknowledge the trust and confidence the members have placed in me and the Council. We hope to do our best for the growth of our Province.

Rev. Fr. Mathew Panakal deserves a special word of thanks and appreciation. He was undeniably the guiding star, who led the undivided Province for a term and the new Prabhu Prakash Province for two terms with committed leadership and efficiency. His initiatives in the apostolate of education are to be highly appreciated. We acknowledge his selfless service to the Province with gratitude. Our thanks and appreciation is also due to Fr. Thomas Thennattu who served the Province as the Consultor for the last two terms, despite his time-consuming job as the Rector of Khrist Premalaya Theologate, Ashta.

It is also time for us to set our priorities for the next three years. The Provincial Council in its first meeting has identified the following priorities:

i. Financial consolidation and maintaining the momentum of the self sufficiency drive already initiated in the Province;

ii. Reaffirming our commitment to the missions;

iii. Animation of the Local Communities;

iv. Impeding the growing individualism and to streamline community life;

v. More emphasis to be given to social apostolate, establishing a Social Work Cell.

Let us all join our hands together and give our best as to bring to reality these priorities of our Province in the coming years.

Fr. Augustine Varickakal

Provincial Rector




01. Installation of the New Provincial Council

The new Provincial Council assumed the office on January 6, 2008, at the Solemn Eucharistic Celebration of the Solemnity of the Epiphany, the feast of the Province. In the presence of outgoing Provincial Rev. Fr. Mathew Panakal and the confreres gathered at Pallotti Bhawan Rev. Fr. Augustine Varickakal took the Oath of Fidelity to his office and the profession faith by the Provincial Council which together marked the installation of the New Council.


02. Appointments/Assignments

The New Provincial Council had its maiden meeting from January 6 – 7, 2008 at Pallotti Bhawan, Nagpur. In this meeting the following appointments and assignments were made:

  1. Fr. James Anchukandathil -Provincial Secretary
  2. Fr. Antony Kaithaparambil -Provincial Bursar
  3. Fr. Mathew Thonickal -Mission Secretary
  4. Fr. Mathew Panakal -Assigned to the Community at Lusaka
  5. Fr. James Thomas Annithottathil -In-charge - Maria Rani Center

6. Fr. Simon Kunnath -To take care of the land at Nasik till June 2008.


03. Commissions Reconstituted

The Provincial Council in the same meeting reconstituted the various commissions of the Province and has appointed the following members:


A) Finance Commission:

Fr. James Anchukandathil

Fr. Antony Kaithaparambil

Fr. Joseph Thazhanganatt

Bro. George Chemplamparambil

Fr. Siju Kuliraniyil


B) Formation Commission:

Fr. Paul Chandrankunnel

Fr. Mathew Kanjiramkalayil

Fr. Tomy Churathil

Fr. Tomy Lukose Pallipurath


C) Pastoral Commission:

Fr. Joy Palachuvattil

Fr. Vincent Thottupatt

Fr. James Thomas Annithottathil

Fr. Leenus Neetany


D) Education Board:

Very Rev. Fr. Provincial – President

Fr. Thomas Tharakunnel – Vice President

Fr. George Madeikkal – Secretary

Fr Antony Kaithaparambil

Fr. George Jacob Palackaparambil

Fr. George Philip Nellikunnel

Fr. Paul Animoottil

Fr. Joah Paul Choorackal

As they take charge of their offices we wish them our hearty congratulations. We also extend to them our co-operation in their endeavours.


04. Farewell with Gratitude

Fr. Mathew Panakal who served the Province untiringly as the Provincial Rector for last nine years, now goes to Zambia to help out our confreres there. He was given a cordial farewell on January 7, 2008 in which His selfless service to the Province and to the Society at large was highly acknowledged, appreciated and thanked by all gathered very specially by the New Provincial Council. We wish him all the best in his new ventures in the mission land, Zambia.


05. Mission North East

Responding to the invitation of Rt. Rev. John Kattrukudiyil, Bishop of Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh, to work in his diocese, the Provincial Council decided to expand our missionary activities to North East part of India. Fr. Augustine Kolencherry who has shown great interests to serve the people of Arunachal Pradesh will be our first missionary to North East. Fr. Augustine will leave for Itanagar in the first week of March, 2008. Today onwards, our prayers shall accompany Fr. Augustine. May God bless and protect him and may God give success to all his endeavours.


06. With Deepest Grief

Fr. Gnanapragasam (32), a member of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Province, who was undergoing medical treatment for brain haemorrhage at Holy Spirit hospital in Mumbai, passed away on 10-01-2008. On January 01, 2008, after completing all liturgical services Fr. Gnanapragasam on his way home to Rasayani collapsed unconscious. The Pallottine Sisters immediately rushed him to the nearby Ambani Hospital where after initial tests the doctors realized that they could not handle the case and therefore referred him to Wockhardt hospital in Mumbai. On January 06, 2008 he was shifted to Jaslock hospital in Mumbai for specialized treatment. It was in the midst of this treatment at Jaslock hospital that he suffered a massive stroke and relapsed into coma and since then has been put on life-support systems. On January 08, 2008 on the advice of the doctors at Jaslock hospital, Fr. Gnanapragasam was shifted to the Holy Spirit hospital at Andheri. His condition continued to be very critical and on January 10, he breathed his last. The funeral rites were held on January 12, 2008. Very Rev. Fr. Augustine Varickakal represented the Province at the funeral. Please do pray and offer Mass for the departed soul of our dear confrere.


07. Website Re-launched

We have re-launched our web site with a new name- It gives wide range of information of our Society and especially of the Province. All the important and confidential details of the Province and the members are in a folder named “For Members Only” which is secured by a password, as to preserve it from public misuse. This folder provides News Letters, Circulars and the details of the members such as address, Ph. No, Fax No, Mobile No, Email Id, birthdates, ordination date, ministry, photo etc. Please contact Provincialate office for the password and make sure that you keep the password a secret. We look forward to keep you updated on the activities of the Province through the site. Please have a look at it and give suggestions for improvement.


08. Maria Rani Centre in 2007

In 2007, the Ongoing Formation Programme for religious was given priority in Maria Rani Centre. For this purpose a course was designed: “Behaviour Pattern and Communicative Skills for Religious Life”. This programme is designed for the members of the same religious congregation. It consists of five weekends. One group consists of thirty members. This programme is informative as well as practical. Four batches have already completed the course successfully. The programme is going on for another four batches. This priority will continue in 2008 also.

Besides, we had various types of religious programmes conducted in Maria Rani Centre in 2007. We had, as an average, minimum three Directed Retreats every month. We had a Class-cum-Retreat for the children of Higher Secondary School. There were two open Retreats – Passion Retreat and Consecration Retreat, which had very good response from various congregations.

Fr. James Thomas Annithottathil

09. Mission Sunday

Pallottine Mission Sunday animation for the year 2007 was well participated by the confreres, parishes and communities. Thank you very much for the enthusiasm and the interest you have shown. This year too we request all of you to make the Pallottine Mission Sunday an event in your respective areas of work. It should be a day set apart to conscientize the people about their responsibility as missionaries and their duty to support those who are in missions. Since many have found it difficult to have a particular Sunday as the common Pallottine Mission Sunday for all, we request you to arrange it on any one of the Sundays during Lent according to your convenience. This year our special intention is “Education of Poor Girl Children”. More information will be sent to you personally at the earliest.

Fr. Mathew Thonickal

Mission Secretary


10. Ongoing Formation

Ongoing formation for the members who belong to the batch of 2006 from all three entities will be held at Maria Rani Centre in Trivandrum, Kerala. The topic for study and reflection will be: Basic skills in handling youth and their emotional problems. The resource person is Dr. Suseela, an expert in Social Psychology and Counseling. The formation programme is arranged from February 27 to March 3, including arrival and departure. Fr. Johnson Thaiparambil will be the programme coordinator and animator.


11. Hearty Congratulations

Fr. Simon Kunnath hassuccessfullycompleted his B.Ed. from Kannur University. Our hearty congratulations to him for this achievement.


12. Dismissal from the Society

Bijoy Kannamkunnel, a professed member of our Province has contracted Civil Marriage contrary to his Promises and thus has incurred the penalty of automatic dismissal according to Canon 694, § 1,2. On December 28, 2007, by the virtue of the Canon Law and the Law of the Society, Fr. Mathew Panakal, the then Provincial Rector, with the consent of the Provincial Consultors, has declared that the above-named member is automatically dismissed from the Society of the Catholic Apostolate.


13. New Releases

A) Rules and Regulations for the Management of Educational Institutions:

On January 6, 2008, Education Board of our Province released a handbook namely: “Rules and Regulations of the Prabhu Prakash Province of the Pallottines for the Management of Its Educational Institutions”. This handbook is aimed at to aid our educational institutions to systematize their administration and to cater to the needs of the people with efficiency and commitment. Soon it will reach to all the communities.

B) Rite of Consecration in the Society of the Catholic Apostolate:

The Malayalam version of the Rites of Consecration will be released soon under the title: “Pallottine Sabhayude Vagdhanasamarpana Thirukarmangal”. It is to facilitate when the rites of Consecration are held in Malayalam.

C) The Authentic Human Person:

Rev. Fr. Vensus George has authored yet another book- “The Authentic Human Person: A Philosophical Perspective on the Anthropology of St. Vincent Pallotti.” Our hearty congratulations to Fr. Vensus.

14. Your Attention, Please!

  • Please make all future correspondence to Very Rev. Fr. Augustine Varickakal in

the following Ids:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mobile No: 09422801745

  • Please note Fr. Mathew Panakal’s new Address and Mobile Number:

Rev. Fr. Mathew Panakal

Holy Family Parish

Mandevu Mobile No. 00260966336520

P.O Box No. 35957

0101 – LUSAKA


  • New Mobile Numbers and Email IDs

Fr. Joseph Jude Rozario 0061 0438926489

Fr. James Palakudy (001) 941-586-8124

Fr. Joseph Jude Rozario This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fr. James Anchukandathil This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fr. Joe Tharakunnel This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fr. Joe Kallani This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fr. Tomy Philip This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


15. Next Council Meeting

The next Council meeting, which would be the budget session, is fixed for the 23rd and 24th of February 2008 at Pallotti Bhawan, Nagpur.