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NL 01 2007

January 31, 2007

NL 01 / 2007


Dear Confreres,

The New Year 2007 began with the arrival of confreres from all over for the Provincial Assembly. The five days we spent together might have been filled with discussions and deliberations. But more important were the feeling of togetherness and the spirit of communion. The Assembly was a celebration of our Pallottine identity and community life. It ended well.

Now we are back in our Local Communities. The spirit of communion should be carried to the communities and lived there. There should be in our communities an urge to belong to one another and be sensitive and supportive to one another. As such there is no one living alone and working alone in our Society. We should plunge into the life of the community and the apostolic undertaking of the Society. The Apostolate is of the Society and each one represents the Society in his work. Concern for one another and for the Apostolate in each place, is a dire need of our Province today.

Fr. General in his address to the Assembly spoke of the Cenacle as a star that guides us in our Community life – just like the star that led the Magi. The picture of the Cenacle should find a prominent place in all our houses and especially in our Chapels. The spirit of communion expressed and lived there by Mary and the Apostles, should be an inspiration for our community life. Together with Mary, open to the grace of the Spirit, as in the early Church, is where all our apostolic activities originate.

One of the first and most important resolutions of our Provincial Assembly has been to make our Local Communities dynamic centers of Pallottine activity and inspiration. Local Community unites a specified number of members, even when they do not live in the same house (LSAC art.84). From the point of view of our Charism, this is the way we nurture the spirit of the Union of the Catholic Apostolate among ourselves.

Attention and efforts have to be paid by every member to make this a reality. Build up the fabric of our Society carefully, in accordance with our Spirit, the Spirit of our Charism. Then our Apostolate, whatever it may be, will be fashioned by that spirit. What else is greater than this, to contribute to the life and Mission of the Church?

Fr. Mathew Panakal SAC



01. The XI Provincial Assembly


The XI Provincial Assembly of the Prabhu Prakash Province was held from January 06 – 10, 2007 in Pallottine Animation Center, Nagpur. There were 35 participants, which includes Very Rev Fr. Fritz Kretz the Rector General, Fr. Jacob Nambudakam, the General Consulter and Fr. Leon Martin the Provincial Rector of Mater Dei Province, Milwaukee. As an immediate preparation for the Assembly on 6th January the participants spent the morning hours in recollection. Rev Fr. Noel Molloy O.P guided the reflections. He highlighted the role of Mary Queen of the Apostles in the life of the Society by saying “Mary Queen of the Apostles is really now with the Pallottines. Whether Pallotti had a vision or he entrusted the Society under the Patronage of Mary is secondary; primary is that Mary is with us”. He suggested that to stay closer to Mary we need to stay closer to Pallotti, to be loyal to the community and to be faithful to the structures of our congregation. For our charism flowers in the context of the Pallottine Structures. In the evening the feast of Epiphany was celebrated with a solemn Eucharistic officiated by Fr. Rector General. In his homily Fr. Fritz exhorted that the Cenacle is to be our guiding star in our journey towards the fuller realization of the Pallottine identity. It was followed by a fellowship gathering and a grand dinner.

Assembly proceeded systematically, starting with the Report of the Provincial Rector on the status of the Province and the Provincial Bursar. Then the working paper was taken up for deliberation. Quite a few resolutions were made which indicated the earnestness of the members to live in accordance with our charism and work towards a realization of our identity as Pallottines.

ACTA of the XI Provincial Assembly is already in print. It will be dispatched to the houses and stations shortly. Those who live alone can have access to it through E - mail.


02. The Fusion of the German Provinces

On 21st January 2007, the three German entities were fused into one Province. The entities are Sacred Heart Province Friedberg, Holy Trinity Province Limburg and Holy Spirit Region Austria. Pallotti Heim, Friedberg is the Head Quarters of the New Province.

The newly elected Provincial and the Council assumed office on January 22nd 2007.

Very Rev. Fr. Hans-Peter Becker - Provincial

Rev. Fr. Norbert Possmann - First Consulter

Rev. Fr. Norbert Lauinger - Consulter

Rev. Fr. Hans-Joachim Winkens - Consulter

Rev. Fr. Lorenz Lindner - Consulter

Our congratulations and prayerful wishes to the New Council. Many good wishes to the members of the New Province.

03. Pallottine Parish Profile


The XI Provincial Assembly deliberated at length on the need for a Pallottine Parish Profile. This is to ensure the continuity of style and approach in the administration of our Parishes and organization of Apostolate. A committee is constituted with the following members to draw up this profile or guidelines for a Pallottine way of running a parish.

Fr. James Thomas Annithottathil (Co-ordinator)

Fr. Thomas Vijay

Fr. Thomas Manjaly

Fr. Varghese Pullan


04.Ongoing formation of Jubilarians


The Silver Jubilarians – those ordained in 1982 – will have their ongoing formation session in the Pallottine Formation Centre, Via Giuseppe Ferrari, Rome. The program will be organized by the General Secretariat for Formation. It will be in the last week of September 2007.


05. Ongoing formation


Ongoing formation of our young priests (those ordained in the last three years), will be held at Pallotti Kutti, Pachmarhi, from February 24 – 28, 2007.

This ongoing formation session will have also priests from Khrist Jyothi Region along with the priests from Prabhu Prakash Province.


06. Governing Body Meetings


Governing Body meetings of our five schools will be held as per the following schedule.

Indore : February 02, 2007

Delhi : February 05, 2007

Nagpur : February 07, 2007

Mukkom : March 03, 2007

Trichur : : March 04, 2007


It is to be noted that the Governing Body of each school consists of the Provincial, Provincial Bursar and the Local Management Body. It meets at least once during the year to take stock of the situation.


07. Novena in Honor of St.Vincent Pallotti


In English – New edition of the Novena in honor of St. Vincent Pallotti is published by our press at Trivandrum.

In Hindi – Novena in Hindi is published by the Pallottine Mission Secretariat, Nagpur. Copies are available with Fr. Mathew Thonickal.

In Malayalam – Novena in Malayalam is getting ready to be published by Fr. Johnson Maniyamkott, from the parish of St. Vincent Pallotti, Kattoor, Alappuzha.


08. Pallotti Day Celebrations


It is interesting to know how Pallotti Day is celebrated in various communities and parishes of our Province. Find below some reports that have come in.

08.1. Neykuppa


The Neykuppa Community had a very solemn celebration of the feast of our Founder St. Vincent Pallotti. Prior to the feast we had nine days of novena in honor of our Founder. It was followed by benediction and the celebration of Holy Eucharist. On each day’s novena a message was given on a particular aspect of St. Vincent Pallotti’s spirituality. Parishioners were, as a matter of fact, taken up by the life of St. Vincent Pallotti. The involvement of the parishioners increased as the days went on. After the celebration of the feast many parishioners expressed their interest in having the novena booklet. The parish level feast day celebrations were held on Sunday the 21st of January. After the solemn Eucharistic celebration many parishioners wished us.

On January 22nd the day of the actual feast of the Founder, we had the fellowship meal in which the Priests and the Sisters of Nadavayal Forane along with the Parish Council members and the catechism teachers were present. During the gathering one of the Priest felicitated and thanked us for the good service the Pallottines are doing in the Diocese of Mananthavady.

? Fr. Davis Edakalathur

08.2. Indore


Pallotti Vidya Sadan, along with St. Vincent Pallotti Parish, Sukhliya, celebrated the Founder’s day on 21st January 2007. We had the novena in honor of St. Vincent Pallotti in which the first year students of PVS gave their reflections on St. Vincent Pallotti guided by the Fathers. On the concluding day of the Novena, we had a meaningful Eucharistic celebration. Fr. Thomas Thennatt, Rector of Khrist Premalaya Theologate, Ashta officiated in the Eucharist.

A cultural celebration in the evening added color to the occasion in which the Pallottine collaborators, members of UAC, neighboring Parish Priests, Parish Council Members, Teachers from our School and Seminary, neighboring Sister’s Communities and close associates of Pallotti Vidya Sadan were present. Children from St. Vincent Pallotti Parish put-up few programs. “The Last Defender” a 45 minutes English skit by the Brothers, was much appreciated by the audience.

? Pallotti Vidya Sadan Community


08.3. Sangam Vihar, Delhi


Mary Queen of Apostles Church at Sangam Vihar had a momentous day on Pallotti's Feast. In preparation for the feast we had nine days novena in which we reflected on different topics from Pallotti's life like Pallotti & his vocation, as a prayerful person, as a young priest, Pallotti and Epiphany, Pallotti and Mary Queen of Apostles etc. Both Fr. George and Fr. Dominic guided the Novena. On the fifth day there was an interaction with the people and we became aware that they are well informed about Pallotti. It shows that the Pallottine spirit is well established in and through the service of the Pallottine Fathers here. The SCC units had shown their interest throughout the novena, taking initiative of composing new hymn on Pallotti in Hindi. On 21 January, 2007, the whole Parish had a meaningful Eucharistic celebration. Thereafter different types of games conducted for the whole Parish followed by an agape as a Pallottine Family. There were people of other faiths involved in the feast day celebration, and they all felt that they are part of the Community – We can notice that the seed of UAC is slowly taking its roots in this small parish.

? The Pallottine Community, Sangam Vihar, Delhi


09. Pallotti Feast celebration in Paruthiyoor


Have you ever heard of the celebration of the feast of St. Vincent Pallotti in a parish where Pallottines are not present? The Paruthiyoor Parish, in the Latin Archdiocese of Trivandrum, has an SCC unit under the Patronage of St. Vincent Pallotti. On 22nd January 2007, the unit celebrated their Patron’s feast, with a solemn high Mass in their Parish Church. Interestingly we have a student from this SCC unit in our VOC. Thanks to Sr. Annie, Sister of Fr. Johnson Maniyamkott, who is the Superior of the Dominican Convent at Paruthiyoor.


10. Bethlehem Retreat 2006


Maria Rani Center conducted BEHTLEHEM RETREAT 2006 from the December 26 – 31. Unlike the other eight Religious program conducted by us in this Center in 2006, like the retreats of seminars for Religious Superiors and Principals, Bethlehem Retreat was very much from the inspirations of our founder St. Vincent Pallotti. He attaches special importance to BETHLEHEM. It is the place of birth of Jesus and therefore it is the starting point of life and ministry with Jesus. Among the forty participants from various Religious Congregations, there was a spark of lay participation, which we want to set aflame in the future.

?Fr. James Thomas Annithottathil, Maria Rani Center.

11. Annual Retreat


Annual retreat for the members of the three Pallottine entities is arranged. It will be preached by Rev Fr. Pieire Jacob S.J from Kolkota.

Retreat I October 8th – 13th - Venue PILLAR, Madurai.

Retreat II November 14th - 19th - Venue PAC, Nagpur.

12. Condolence

Mr. Augusty Chemparathy beloved father of Fr. Raju Chemparathy expired on January 02, 2007. Many confreres from Kerala were there to share this sad moment with Fr. Raju. We express our heartfelt sympathy to him and his family at this time of pain and sorrow. Let us offer prayers for the repose of the departed soul.

13. New Telephone Numbers

Fr. Antony Roswan :09446101583

Fr. Davis Edassery :0039 – 06- 68194628 (Land Line)

:0039 – 3388339358(Mobile)

Fr. Prakash Thankappan :09895244104

Fr. Roychan :09993997933

Fr. Thomas Kureekattil :09446102885


14. New Email address


Pallottigiri – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fr. Christudas – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fr. Davis Edassery - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



15. - New Address


Fr. Joseph Pezhathumkal SAC

Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Parish

2224 – 45th Street

Kenosha – WI 53140 – 2624











16. Next Council Meeting


The next Council meeting will be held at Pallotti Bhavan on 22 - 23 February 2007