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Quotes from the writings of
St. Vincent Pallotti

My God,
I am the most
Unworthy of all
To think of you,
To speak of you,
To do anything
For you!

A witness to the works
Of mercy,
Both material
And spiritual.


My God,
Permit me to call the night
That is given to me for rest,
'The night of your infinite mercy.'


Trust in God and
God will be
Sufficient for you.


Religion must be defended
By its followers by means
Of honest witness, and
The authenticity of their words,
Thus demonstrating
The reasonableness
Of religion.


My God,
Permit me to call the light
That daily shines upon me,
'The light of
Your infinite mercy.'


I ask you to
Become peaceful,
Because your complaints are
Too frequent and without
Real grounds.


In God,
I am always united to you.


Your obsessions, your fears are
Like a turbulent stream
Which cannot be curbed…
Because you do not
Want to profit by them.


Let us not
Lose sight
Of the memory
Of our sins.


Our Lord Jesus Christ
Is truly free!


The title "Catholic Apostolate!"
Each and everyone
Must be imbued with a burning desire
To do everything in his or her power to
Promote the greater glory of God.


Jesus Christ
Does all things in us.


May the love
Of the Holy Spirit
Flow into our hearts.


You write to me
Because I tell you the truth.


The most important concern
Which whole world can
Have is the saving
Of a single soul.


Lord, make my life


In the Upper Room
Where the Apostles
Received the Holy Spirit.


The Catholic Apostolate
Is common to all classes of people
And consists in doing whatever
Anyone can and should do
For the greater honor of God
And for our own and
Our neighbor's
Eternal salvation.


I will try to free myself
From everything that prevents
Me from obtaining
This treasure that God is.


I would like
To become a drink
To quench the thirsty


How tender is the heart
Of Jesus Christ,
Whose love would not permit Him
To refuse those horrible tortures.


If only I could love God
To such an extent
As to give God
An infinite glory.


Let us walk trusting Christ,
Like a gazelle or a young
Heart swift on all the world.


We do not love
Our neighbor as ourselves
Unless we care
for our neighbor's
eternal salvation
as if it were our own.


With increasing fervor,
Unites the contemplative life
With the active,
Will realize the fullness
Of Christ.


Consider what it means:
God dwells within you.


See to it that nothing turns
You away form God.


You are not destined
To be a Trappist or a hermit.
Be holy in the world.
I intend from all eternity
And forever to live
And continue to live
The love of God.


Let us pray
That the work
Of the Blessed Trinity
Be realized in us,
Cherished by us
And be increasingly
More valuable to us.


Your holiness
Is simply to do
The will of God,
To do it always
And everywhere.


Inhale the divine
By just looking to God
Who is everywhere.


Wherever I shall be,
I shall picture myself
As among all


The love of our lord Jesus Christ
Urges everyone to the work of
The apostolate so that they may
Receive the honorable title


Whoever trusts in God will
Not be confused.


In the Eucharist.


In order to begin
To love God
Interior recollection.


Before beginning
Any of our daily works,
We should consider
What would be
the thoughts of Jesus
and the affections
of His Divine Heart.


Relying on your infinite
Mercy, I wish to receive you
In every moment
--- forever.


Does God thirst
For my soul,
And my soul
Not thirst for God?


Jesus, our brother
In the Eucharist.
Jesus, our doctor and remedy
In the Eucharist.


My God, my mercy…
Arouse and preserve in me
The hunger and thirst
To be more and
More like you.


Let us hate that fault
Of having delayed
To love God,
Who is so worthy
Of infinite love.


May the most precious
Will of God
Be our food,
Our drink, our rest
And our heaven
On earth.


My Jesus,
How unworthy I am
To come to visit you.
Instead of rejecting me,
You call me, wait for me,
Welcome me because
You wish to fill me
With grace.


The principal goal of the union
Of the Catholic Apostolate:
To promote in any possible way,
The increase of the spiritual
And temporal means
For the spreading
Of holy faith.


Put yourself
Into God's hands…
Everything will go well.


I would like
to become medicine
and health for the sick.


Jesus, our food and grace
In the Eucharist.
Jesus, our treasure and
Happiness in the Eucharist.
Jesus, infinitely loved and


By the peace of mind
God gives you.


My Jesus
You have worked wonders
To draw me to your love.
Do it again and again,
So that I may
Be all your love.


My God,
Permit me to call
the air I breathe,
The earth I walk upon,
'the air and earth
of your infinite mercy'.


Be convinced
That you have received
The gift of priesthood
Through the mercy of God.


When Jesus Christ
Teaches you to ask
For something in prayer,
It is a sign that he wishes
You to have it.


Not food and drink,
Not tranquility and riches,
Not respect and honors,
But God.


There are few
Who constantly strive
To imitate Jesus Christ


The Son desire to feed me in the Eucharist.


Courage is but frailly at is best


We imitate Jesus Christ,
who is the Apostle
of the Eternal father.


Expect everything
Through the intercession of
The Blessed Virgin Mary,
Queen of Apostles.


Not the intellect, but God,
Not the will, but God,
Not the heart, but God.


We imitate Jesus Christ,
who is the Apostle
of the Eternal father.


How I rejoice to hear you say
In your need that
Now you have turned to God.


Mary says to us:
Lead a life of a true follower
Of my divine son,
And you will indeed
Be the salt of the earth
And the light
Of the world.


If possible,
Combine the activity of Martha
With the contemplation
Of Magdalene.


What I tell others to do,
I must first do myself!


Any Christian
Devoutly enjoys
The thought of having
To imitate the lord
Jesus Christ.


When you feel
guilty and confused,
let it not be the confusion
of a despairing soul
But one that
is repenting.


Through their eternal and
Infinite love, the Father ad


My discomfort, my worry,


My sinfulness,
My ungratefulness,
Who can fathom them?
No one but you my God!


To satisfy the hungers
Of your heart in things,
But in God
The creator of all things,
Their beginning and end.


Follow the advice Paul
The Apostle whether you eat
Or drink or whatever you do,
Do all for the love of God.


We should choose that type
Of inner prayer,
Which we find
The least difficult and
The most fruitful.


We do no love
Our neighbor as ourselves
Unless we care for our
Neighbor's eternal salvation
As if it were our own


Lay up your treasure in
Heaven, where thieves
Can not break in.
Be large-handed
To God's poor
And to God's work!


How many people could only
Open their eyes
To the light of truth,
How different would the scene be
That their eyes gaze on.


May the life
Of the lord Jesus Christ
Be my life,
Now and forever.


May God your banker!
If God wanted you
To give yourself
More to prayer
In order to practice virtue,
Wouldn't you do it?


Although Mary was neither
A priest nor an apostle,
She applied herself to God's
kingdom so much that she
surpasses all the Apostles.
For that reason,
The Church salutes her
As Queen of Apostles.


God does not
Look upon you
In the same way
That you think
About God.


Let us walk trusting Christ,
Like a gazelle
Or a young heart swift
On all the paths of justice.


Mary speaks to us:
My child, look on my divine son
Hanging on a cross.
It is the book from which you
Are to learn
A necessary lesson.


Do not seek
God looks upon you
With loving mercy.


Even in your
Trials and agonies,
But with deeds.


I will not fear those
Who can kill my body,
But those who can help
Me to lose my soul and you,
O God.


Do not foolishly presume
To know the moments
And the hours which are
In the hand of God.


God is the true life;
God will always be with you.
Thus you will always have
The true life.


Trials are a sure sign
That God is with you.


It is love
That brings Jesus
To wherever
There is want and need


Let us seek God.
In God alone
We will be safe


Trials are a sure sign
That God is with you.


Look at yourself
And all your life
From the viewpoint
Of God's infinite power,
Wisdom, love
And mercy.


Show mercy toward your
Neighbor in order to obtain
Mercy for yourself.


Look at yourself
And all your life
From the viewpoint
Of God's infinite power,
Wisdom, love
And mercy.


You are not
Beyond the reach
Of God's
Infinite mercy.


Jesus wished to say:
Blessed are you,
Although persecuted by the world,
Because the kingdom
Of heaven is yours


You are well off;
If you are loved and esteemed.
Return thanks to God
And the Blessed Mother.


Your distress is the object
Of God's goodness and mercy.


God be with you in all your
Apostolic undertakings.


Draw near to the holiness
Of the Church's heroes
By reading their lives.
Then you will catch
The fire of their zeal.


We must begin
To reform our lives
By putting all our confidence
In God.


Entrust to our lady
All things that may
Concern your health
Of mind and body;
Do not let anything
Worry you.


Mary speaks to us: learn from
The divine exemplar, Jesus Christ,
To have charity toward your
Neighbor, not with strong words
And thirst for holiness
The more we
Shall be filled.


Jesus Christ assures us:
The more we hunger
as to be well prepared
for death.


My God
that all may be
one fold and
one shepherd.


My child, remember that if
You have suffered, you also
Have consolation in time and


Experience shows us
that when a group of people
are intensity of activity
and work is
easily lost.


I can tell you
From my heart
That God is with you.


In God
I always find myself
united with you
in all your works.


Draw near to Jesus;
Learn from him
How to obtain the power
And grace to become meek
And gentle of heart.


This is not the time to think,
speak or act as a child,
but as a man or woman
of God.


With humility
And a childlike confidence
Ask for the light of God's
Truth and Jesus will rejoice
To give it to you.


What God demands of you
is love, gratitude,
and cooperation.


To pretend
Not to have to die
Would be foolish


Send forth, o Lord,
laborers into your vineyard,
and spare your people.


If you have failed
in the past
by not using well
the gifts of God,
do not lose heart.


Let us pray
that we may enter often
into the spirit
of God's interests.


Whoever is with God
is always well.

  Sufferings will have an end.
their reward will never end.

Let us profit
by the vivid impression
made by the death of others.


will never cost anyone
as much as it cost


Live in such a way
Jesus Christ.


The delight of Jesus
has always been with the poor.


Love does not seek
its own advantage,
but the advantage
of Jesus Christ.


Everyone must try to prevent
the eternal loss
of their neighbor and
must use all means

for their salvation

In the Christian,
there is more to do
than to say.
so few words
and many works.


Lord, grant that I may never
profane your sacred words,
neither in speaking them
nor in writing them.
my intention
is that you be my
speaking and


Anyone who prays
must do so persistently.


With a sigh a relief,
breathe in God.


Take head
that your pupils
do not surpass
you in love.


Jesus was ready
to do everything
he had to do
for the whole world,
just to save
one single soul


Some priests and lay people
longed for the promised moment
when there would be
one fold and one shepherd.


During the day,
humble and fervent
short prayers must be recited...
Jesus, my mercy;
You can breathe
in God and
breath out God.


We hope that through
our fervent prayers
God will let that day
come about soon,
Which sees
the whole world
as one fold
with one shepherd.


All who are called and chosen
have received from the lord
talents in a measure
according to their election
and holy vocation.
but everything
that pleases God


My God,
I always have
the need to ask you!

  More than the talent
and ability of the preacher,
prayer makes the preaching
of the Gospel fruitful.

I do not want anything
that displeases God
in Christ's footsteps,
because imitating him
is the essence of Christian life
and the quick road
to perfection.


The constant prayer
of many fervent Christians
brings forth the blessing
and support for the laborers
in the lords vineyard.


God is more generous
in giving than
we are in asking.


Are you perhaps unaware
of the fact
that the triune God
is dwelling within you?


When we desire
something useful,
it is God who instills this wish,
and when we pray for it,
it is truly God
who asks through us.


The best method
of private prayer
is that which the spirit
of the person finds easiest
and most fruitful.


My God, act in me
as you wish...
Do everything in me.
you are my all,
now and forever.


Nurture us with
your divine life and
thus make us
a new creation.


Are you scholars?
then contribute as much as possible,
that the Father, the son and Holy Spirit,
the mysteries of redemption
and the law of the Gospel
be made known.


The most precious
will of God
be our food,our drink,
our rest and our paradise
here on earth.


Lord Jesus
create us anew.
be or life.


In every movement
of my body, and every act of
my mind, I intend
to give God infinite glory.


I must tell you
that you are not constant
in your endeavors
to do good.


In every movement
of my body, and every act of
my mind, I intend
to give God infinite glory.


Are you rich in material goods?
Then use them as far as you can
for an increase in the means
that support the spreading
of the faith.


I make the greatest
use possible of every means
to make the flame of Baptism
burn brightly.


All Christians must follow
God sends us all hardships
out of infinite love.


Consider this thought:
Queen of apostles,
realizing our weakness,
we entrust the renewal of
our personal lives and
our apostolate to
your intercession.


Do not try
to escape suffering.


Hearts that possess love are
fit to receive all God's graces.


If cheerfulness and joy
are lacking, few will
be attracted to
follow Jesus Christ.


Where you cannot reach with
your works, you will reach
with humility and trust in god.


continue to pray
with humility, confidence
and perseverance.


Anyone can excel in the good of the
apostolate, because god judges
the perfection and value of the
labor and work according to
the intentions of the heart.


I am bound to live
as the living image
of the infinite love of the Father and son.


Where you cannot reach with your works,
you will reach with humility
and trust in God.

Fear nothing. God will fulfill you.  

Everything is well when it is as God wishes.


Through the mercy of our God and
the grace of our lord Jesus Christ,
you will bear fruit.


God looks on you with loving mercy.
The Blessed virgin loves and protects
you. What more could you ask?


Oh my god, I ask you to give
me whatever insight I need to
discern the innermost part
of my heart.


Jesus, mournful unto death,
dragged and bound with
cords and chains, clothed in a
robe of disgrace, have
mercy on me.


Remember that paradise has
been prepared for you by God's mercy.


No obedience will ever cost more than
it cost Jesus Christ.


God has shown us Mary,
who has so walked in the footsteps
of Jesus that she excelled all the
angels and all the elect.


Let us not forget the three fold
requisite of the Christian life :
deny yourself; take up your cross;
and follow Jesus Christ.


I am confused thought that you
would understand me. I must not
have expressed my self clearly


Behold the Madonna,
she wishes
to be with you.
she is the great
of Jesus.


In all actions, we should keep before
our eyes our exemplar, mode
l and practical norm; our lord
Jesus Christ


God wants to enlighten the
mind of the sinner.


As her children,
we wish to bring joy
to Mary, our Mother.


Pray, and pray again,
so that God
may send workers.


As Mary is
my special intercessor,
I am sure she will help
and all in the Upper Room
where the Apostles
received the
Holy Spirit.


My God, who can give me tears?
I want to cry because
of my enormous ingratitude
toward your infinite love
and infinite mercy!


Following our Lord
demands great confidence
in God and
great distrust of ourselves.


Let our life be always
at the foot of the cross
of our Lord Jesus Christ.
in him, we always
find greater happiness


If we do not pray
or do not pray properly,
we build a dam
before the goodness of God
who wants
to inundate us.


Place yourselves
In the hands of Mary
and do not let anything
worry you.


The royal road
to sanctity is humility
and trust in God.


With a happy and cheerful face,
We can prove
that the imitation of Christ
fills our lives with joy.


Through a continuous life
of deep humility and
great trust in God,
we learn and practice
the difficult art of
all temptations.


is but frailty at its best.


Lord, enrich me with your mercy,
transform me into
your mercy.


When Jesus Christ
teaches you to ask
for something in prayer,
it is a sign that he wishes
you to have it.


Prayer is easy
and possible for anyone
because divine mercy
does not exclude anyone
but urges all to pray.


Let us consider what words
of humility, meekness,
love, patience and prudence
have mercy on me.


Anyone who prays
must do so
in the name
our lord Jesus Christ
would utter.


St. peter and others
who were for a time
as wandering sheep
of the fold,
will how you
the way back again.


Establish for yourself
a regular daily exercise
of prayer.


It is our task
to co-operate in
the spreading of
the Gospel with
the power of God.


Jesus, stripped and scourged,
crowned with thorns
and greeted with derision,
spat upon, struck and ridiculed,
have mercy on us.


Let courage
lighten your step
and quicken your pace,
in the way that leads
to everlasting glory.


Many are sadly disappointed
when they cannot find
a little mote
in their neighbor's eye!


The goal of every thought,
word and action
must be God
form whom
every good comes.


Jesus, poor and scorned,
unknown and despised,
betrayed and cheaply sold,
have mercy on me


Let your lips never
cease to utter
the desire of
your heart,
"thy kingdom come"


Your neighbor's sin
is no excuse
for your uncharitableness.


I wnat nothing but God!
Only God!


Seek God always
and you will always
find God.


Everything is reparable
with confidence in God.


Pray that the will
of the most High
be done on Earth
even as it is
done in Heaven.


Jesus, laden with
the cross of our sins,
nailed to infamous tree
between two thieves,
wearied with insults,


who receives from God
the grace to do works
of charity and to profit by them,
will be the recipient
of new graces.


In order to arrive
at genuine joy,
it is necessary to pass
through genuine suffering.
until death, lovingly nailed
to the mystic cross.


God is always gracious
toward your weakness
your weakness is the object
of God's goodness
and mercy.


Jesus Christ assures us:
the more we hunger
and thirst for holiness,
the more we shall be filled.


All must mediate often
on the obedience
of the crucified lord.

  Eternal Father,
it is your will
that all should
be saved.

Show mercy
for your neighbor
in order to obtain
mercy for yourself.


Only one person
without the spirit
of Jesus Christ
will cause great harm.


Faith cannot
be spread throughout
the world unless it is
first reanimated
among Catholics
and their charity


Remember that the
eternal reward is not proportioned
to the size of the harvest
but rather to the amount
of effort spent.


With the help of divine grace,
you can do even greater things
than all the saints together.


I recommend you
to that portion of the flock
that is most easily neglected:
the poor, the sick, and the dying.


It is love
that brings Jesus
to wherever
there is want and need.


I resolve to love Mary
with the love
with which God loved her.


The ministry of the Gospel...
like a clap of thunder
that arouses the unhappy slaves
of sin to repentance,
to save them.


If many people
could only open their eyes
to the light of truth,
how different would the scene be
that their eyes gaze on.


For the love
of Jesus Christ,
we must persevere


My Jesus, I want to
leave you no more.


The only good is heaven.


Your food must be
the infinite love of God.


I would like to become
Food to feed the hungry.


Do not believe
that you cannot
do what the great saints
of the Church have done!


I would like to become
Clothing to cover the naked.


I would like to become
a soft bed for the weary.


I would like
to become life
to raise the dead.


Rest assured
That I neither had nor have
the intention of abandoning you.


Oh my eternal, infinite,
incomprehensible God,
you are the food
of my soul.


God gave us the darkness
of the night to bring us rest
after the struggles of day,
and also to prepare us
for the eternal rest in heaven.


May everyday be lived
as a thanksgiving for
the Mass celebrated
and a preparation for the Mass
to be celebrated.


May your hunger be great
and your thirst to advance
in holiness be ardent
and do not doubt:
God will satisfy you.


We will use all
as good stewards
so that we will attain
our last and glorious end.


Woe to us if we preach alms,
and we do not
open our hands to the poor.


Since we have been created
in the image of God,
we are endowed with
and urge proper to our nature,
to do good always and
never to be lazy.


We must be content
with our food and clothing,
so that we may have
some small offering
to give to those in need.


Lord, take all of me,
destroy my life
and let your life be my life.


God wishes us to make use
of medicine in our illnesses.


My God, my infinite,
immense, incomprehensible
mercy! I do not
know you as i should.


I ask you to say often
and from your heart:
"Oh Lord, in you have I open;
let me never be put to shame;
your mercy endures forever."


There are times,
when more than
ordinary prayer is needed
to put aright minds and hearts.


Our heritage is God,
God entirely,
the Father, the Son,
and the Holy Spirit.


Often glance with confidence
at the picture of
Jesus and Mary that i give you.
You will be comforted.


My God, in your infinite love,
you created me according
to your image and likeness.
Help me to use your gifts
and improve myself
so as to become totally
your living image.


Your most serious illness
is mistrust.


The only purpose
is the glory of God.


My God,
you are infinite goodness.
You want to
spend yourself infinitely.


I resolve to glorify God
as Jesus Christ glorifies God
when he was visible on this Earth.


Pray to obtain the grace
which will enable you
to rid yourself of mistrust
and fill you with
spiritual confidence.


All, young and old, healthy and
sick, in any position of life
assigned to them by God,
can participate fully
in the apostolic mission
of Jesus Christ
by any means whatsoever.


It must be remembered
that if holy joy is lacking,
very few souls
will be led to God.


Eternal word,
Redeemer of all creation,
lead all people to yourself.


If we are children of God,
we must love those God loves
and seek what God seeks,
namely, the salvation
of all people.


I wish so much
to be the occasion
that ever more
increases God's glory.


Lord Jesus,
you nourish us with your light
and destroy all the darkness within us.


I would like
to become light
for the blind.


Trust God like a child!


Our faith is a grace and a gift.


The greatest weakness
is anxiety in all things.


Put everything
in God's hands.


One cannot be indifferent
to small gifts and contributions.
Often these small means,
combined, result in greater sums
which can achieve
great results.


Console yourself
with the thought of the
delight you give God
by enduring everything
as God wills it.


Let nothing disturb you,
let nothing frighten you:
God alone is sufficient!


God will reward
your zeal and love.


Every mission
in the true Church of Jesus
Christ is called
Catholic Apostolate.


May God grant
that much good be done
through these printed prayers.


Promises and expectations
will be fulfilled
When it pleases God.


Imagine that every day is the
first and last day of your life.


Remember that
the trial distressing you
is not to death,
but to eternal life in glory.


Even one person filled with
the spirit of Jesus Christ will do much.


The only example
is the life of Jesus Christ


Is an image of the eternal,
the infinite, the immense,
the incomprehensible.


We are truly children of
God, heirs of God
and co-heirs with Christ.


Time is precious and brief;
the past does not return.


God is faithful!


I embrace you and greet you in God.


We must try to become ever more like
our Lord Jesus Christ,
our first born.


May God bless these printed
prayers with abundant fruit
throughout the entire world.


Your present state is a gift
offered to you by god asleep,
whether I eat, drink or walk,
whether I think of you or do
not think of you.

  My mercy, you operate in me always,
by day and by night,
whether I am awake or

May the life of Jesus Christ be my
meditation, my study,
the splendor of the Church.


Praying with ST.Francis de Sales:
of myself I can do nothing.
With God, I can do all things.


Mary, Queen of Apostles,
is the patroness of the
Union of the Catholic
Apostolate. She is a n
outstanding example of
apostolic zeal for all the members.


In the Church of Jesus Christ,
those sent y the same divine
Redeemer to bring the light of
truth to all peoples and nations
are called apostles.


Seek God and you will find God in
all things and you will find
God everywhere.


Even the best efforts of
individuals cannot be successful
unless they are united and
directed to a common goal.


God gave me the complete and
convincing feeling, that now was
to be the decisive beginning of
a new life, as if through the
power of God, my youth, my
strength and perfect holy life
were to begin again.


Our Lord, Jesus Christ is the
Apostle of the Eternal Father,
who sent him to make amends
for the broken honor of God
and to redeem all people.


The Catholic Apostolate is
universal to everyone.


Prayer is the infallible means to
obtain from God everything we desire.


The practice of love is the
complete life of the Union of the
Catholic Apostolate.


Can you pray for the salvation
of others? Pray. You will be
an apostle! Can you give good
example? Do so…


Some priests and lay people longed
for the promised moment when there
would be one shepherd.


Can you encourage your neighbors
to do well? Then encourage them!
This is what I mean by “apostolate”!


God is ready to do more than
we can ever request or imagine.
Yet God wants us to do all that
is humanly possible in this world.


The Catholic Apostolate should be
like a trumpet for the Gospel,
which calls all and invites all, which
excites in us the zeal and love
of all believers.


Apostle means being sent –
apostolate means mission.


We have the holy Gospels!
What more do we want?


The Christian, by means of Baptism,
enters a living communion with Christ,
as the branch to the vine.


If we are rally animated by the
spirit of love , we will always
treat all with love, look on all
with love and speak of all
with love.

Where there is no love,
there is no apostolate.
  If we follow the Gospel, it is enough!

My Jesus, may all the love of eternity
be mint in every instant,
for all eternity.


Holy Divine Spirit, enkindle in
all hearts your ardent love that
can do all things.


My God…day and night whether
I am awake or asleep, whether
I think of you or not, you always
think of me in your infinite love.


You always think of me in your
infinite love. You love me and
are turned toward me!


Lord, may it not be just lip
service what I say about you..
But that I truly believe it and that
I am deeply convinced of it
in my heart.


MY Jesus, on the holy altars,
even if I do not think of you,
you wait for me always and burn
with infinite fire of love to give me
all of yourself and always
with infinite fullness.


Any one who prays must do
so with faith and trust.


Compete with each other as to
who loves God most.


Love has a structure!


The only love is God!


Lord, you have become a
fool of love for me. How
can I not become a fool
of love for you.


As a servant of God, do not
trust yourself and your strength
completely, but put all your
trust in the infinite power of
divine grace.

God loves us and works
for us unceasingly

Be convinced that God will
lovingly bless the efforts
of the faithful and untiring laborer.


My God, you continually choose
to speak words of infinite love.


Oh my God, I ask you to give
me whatever insight I need to
discern the innermost part of
my heart.


Lord Jesus, you nourish us
with your wisdom and blot out
our ignorance.


The true idea of the nature and
activities of the Union of the
Catholic Apostolate…. increasing,
defending and spreading the piety
and the Catholic faith.


Ah my God and my all! God alone!
Oh the love of God enkindles me!


If God made you powerful here on
earth then use this power to spade,
preserve and renew the holy faith.


Infinite love, I am desperate!
I do not know how to love you
as much as I ought.


All are called to the apostolate
according to their position in life.


All accepted members should be
encouraged to make an hour of
adoration before thee Blessed
Sacrament twice or at least once
a month, at that time pray for the
spreading of the faith and for all activities
of the Catholic Apostolate.


Can you pray for the salvation of men?
Pray. You will be an apostle.
Can you give good example?
Do so….
Can you exhort your neighbor to do good?
Then exhort him.
This is apostolate.


Do good, suffer evil and persevere,
For this is the essence of apostolic

  No difficulty, no obstacle which cannot
Be overcome.

If we have put off our wholehearted
service to God for days, months,
or years, let us be sorry.


Remember that the eternal reward
is not proportioned to the size of
the harvest but to the effort


Let us work, let us never get tired,
Let us work. "Let us do good to all
Men, but especially to those who
Are of the household of faith.


Give o lord a pure zeal and
Unquenchable thirst to save souls and
To glorify you, give me gift of
Frequent prayer.


God will be pleased if you are
Careful not to let one day pass
Without praying in particular for the
Conversion of the whole world.


The apostolate of Jesus is the
Obedience to his father, namely the
Work of man's redemption.


Fire! Fire!
If the devil does so much to destroy soul,
What shall we do to save them?


A good word suggested at an
Opportune moment trusting in God's
Help could convert a person and reap
Immeasurable benefits.


To perform the smallest act of charity
For my neighbor, I would even throw
Myself into the flames of hell,
Though only prompted by the grace
And love of God.


The most difficult virtue to keep
in community Life is mutual love;
but without it community
is doomed to destruction.


If we are truly animated by the spirit
of love.We shall always treat all
with love, Look on all with love,
Think of all with love,
And speak of all with love.

  When one acts with pure zeal and
Fervent love there is no temptation,
The love of God and Jesus should
impel you to do everything.

My god... please let me go,
to where God wills ...let me
go where God calls me.


The doorkeeper shall treat all with
humility, kindness, patience,
cheerfulness, docility, affability
and perfect charity.


Live each moment as if it were the
beginning, all will say one our father,
hail Mary and glory be in honour of
st. Joseph, in order to obtain for
ourselves and for all the dying,
the grace of a happy death.


The doorkeeper shall treat
all with humility, kindness,
patience, cheerfulness, docility,
affability and perfect charity.


Upon hearing the bell, the doorkeeper
should go immediately with holy
cheerfulness, thinking that God is
calling him.


The missionaries shall never
let themselves be seen going to
the altar to offer holy mass without
first having made a devout


To the religious:
"You are spouses of the


Their entire lives are lives of preparation
and thanksgiving for the divine sacrifice.
This in fact must be the life of priests.


To laymen: "let us remember
That in order in order to
Enter the kingdom of heaven,
We must become image of Jesus


The most noble and precious
part of the house is, with all
certainty, the church and sacristy.


To the priests: "you are a
Priest of the crucified
And as such you must constantly
Strive to live and die on the cross".


To celebrate the mass befittingly,
prepare yourself saying devoutly “Lord,
I am not worthy".


Sufferings are precious. They should
be esteemed and desired.


Come o lord, do not delay,
because I cannot stay a moment
without you.


A sister is a spouse of Jesus Christ.
That is why she has to suffer. So
thank god that you have so many


In order to arrive at genuine joy,
it is necessary to pass through
genuine suffering.


The passion and death of our
lord Jesus Christ should be the
most frequent subject of our meditation.


In all my works may it always be Jesus
who lives and acts in me. United to
him I offer you the correspondence
of his most holy humanity.


A sister is a spouse of Jesus Christ.
That is why she has to suffer.
So thank god that you have so
many opportunities.


A life of sacrifice must consist
in the most perfect, constant
and universal practice of mortification.

My God, Not the intellect, but God, Not the
will, but god, not the soul, but God, Not
the hearing, but God, Not body, but God,
Not and be despised for the glory of God;
paradise. Paradise; how beautiful is
the exercise of all virtues.

Let all my thoughts, words and
actions and my entire self be changed
into Christ. Let Jesus Christ work in
my life be destroyed, let your
life be my life.


In every movement of my body and every
act of my mind I intend to give
God infinite glory. Jesus always knows how
to make great saints out of men who
are great sinners.


My God, my entire life is a continuous miracle
of your mercy and the greatest one is that
you transform me into yourself perfectly.


Yes my God. I want you because
this is what you want.


Happy are the souls who ardently desire
sanctity, for their desire will be fulfilled.


Prayer, confidence in God; let us pray
to the Blessed virgin; she will protect us.
My Mother, watch over us.


We must hold the family of the house
of Nazareth as the model for every
community of our houses.

On entering and leaving the room,
I will prostrate myself before the
divine presence

Let every one consider himself as the
least in the Society and the most
unworthy to belong to it.


The almighty God, the supreme lord who
eternal in his grandeur, rich in mercy,
abundant in treasures ….such God is my
God and my all.


Ah my God, by myself can do nothing;
with you I can do everything. I wish to
do everything for you. To you honour,
to m contempt.


Let every one consider himself as
the least in the Society and the most
unworthy to belong to it.


Even if I am a sinner, if I so desire,
I can always gain mercy.


Put everything in God's hands.
Beg the intercession of our sorrowful
mother Mary and of the angels and saints


No superior shall expect to be given
particular consideration in, or
exemption from all that regards common
life, and all should shun even the shadow
of singularity and superiority.


In this world always look at God
and then look at yourself. Doing
this you will never find

  Our soul is a living and intelligent being
with the distinctive characteristics of being a
living image of God, and of the whole God

God does not look upon you as you think
He does. Even in your trials he looks upon
you with his loving mercy.

  All Christians must follow in Christ's
footsteps, because imitating him is
the essence of Christian life and the
quick road to perfection.
All for God, nothing, nothing for me;
God alone in everything; I wish to
suffer infinitely

In every action I will say to myself,
try to think of how Jesus, Mary and
the saints would have performed the action.


I pray to God that he may make
me very similar to our lord Jesus
Christ in my works and
dealings with others.


Lord Jesus expels me and put yourself
in me, destroy my life and may your
life be me life.


If you wish to snatch souls from the clutches
of the devil, and populate heaven,
spread the devotion to the most Blessed
Mary and do not forget to propagate also
the devotion to the angels.


To permit laziness would be to degrade
our souls and to act against the purpose
of our creation, because he in creating us
in his likeness has set us an example off


Time is precious, short and irreparable.
I would use it like a person comes back
to life after death, and I ill remedy the
past. It is called "price of eternity".


we priests must have a devout and distinct
love for the most Blessed Virgin, because we
are able to know her more than others can,
we are like her more than others, we have
more need of her than any one else.


Life is short; let us work,
when it is day...
In heaven we shall rest.


May I suffer for you. Give me
great suffering to bear for love
of you, you are worthy of all love.


Come to me at any time. Ask for
my help With confidence. You will
soon discover how much I live you
with my motherly heart and how
solicitous I am for you.

  I wish nothing but God, God entire,
God alone. If only I could love infinitely
and suffer and be despised infinitely

Because of the fullness of her merits,
holy church salutes Mary with the
profound title of queen
of the apostles.


It is my task to care for you, to guide
you, to sanctify. You are to walk up
the holy mountain of beatitudes until
you reach eternal happiness in heaven.


The real source of joy lies
in suffering for the love of God.


Holiness consists in doing God's will.


In fact actions are the true proof
of love. The proof of love is the
performing of deeds.


The most precious will of God be
our food, our drink, our rest, our
paradise on earth.


I am the living image of the spirit,
the infinite love of the father and
of the son. Therefore my life must
be a life of love in the infinite love.


My God, I am unworthy of your mercy
and graces. My God, let thy will be my life,
and let thy life be my life.


God is love: man by nature of his
creation is the living image of God.
Since God is perfect in loving man,
man must be perfect in loving God
and his neighbor.


No one practicing the spirit of obedience
perishes in hell. Imagine that you see
gates of hell with the inscription the
obedient shall not enter".


In all situations say to yourself:
God has put me in this state, he
gives me these obligations, so in
his fidelity he will grant e the grace to
fulfill them.


The more a priest strives for
holiness, the more he will make
his people holy.


The priest must preach
the word and not himself.