The Pastoral Commission is an auxiliary body of the Provincial Administration. The task of the Commission consists of planning and coordination of the pastoral activities of the Pallottine communities in different parts of the Province. The work of the Commission is, to a great extent, to collate the experiences of the parish activities, to reflect on the pastoral and theological aspects of these experiences and to elaborate general projects. The clear federal characteristic of the structure of the Province assures that these apostolic projects are realised in the Local Communities of the Provinces. The task of the Commission, therefore, is to elaborate the general guidelines for greater efficiency and coordination of initiatives in parish management. It is the duty of the Commission to concentrate on the problems of pastoral work in parishes and see how it can be enriched by the elements of Pallottine charism.


Fr. George Jacob Palackaparambil (President)

Fr. Wilson Puthenpurayil

Fr. Thomas Kureekkattil

Fr. Shyjesh George Kuriyedam

Fr. Ronald Jose Mecheriyil