Boys Homes

St. Vincent Pallotti fought against the neglect of Children. He opened homes for the unskilled and homeless children, to help them socially and spiritually. Every person was, young or old, was important to him. He showed solidarity with everyone he met. With happy people he shared in their joy. With the grief-stricken he shared in their sadness. On his many journeys he also encountered the fringe groups of Society. He accepted them all, especially the children in danger. St. Vincent opened an orphanage, something very new in his time. And he gave these children hope and often the love they never received before. Thus, the love of Christ urged him to become everything for everyone. Prabhu Prakash Province carries out this act of charity of St. Vincent through the many boys-homes it runs and manages in different parts of the country.

List of Boys Homes


Boarding School, Aulia

Boarding school
Aulia Koladit P.O. – 450 661,
Via Pandhana,
Khandwa Dist., M.P. India
Ph: 07320/274030, 0733/2000050


Boarding School, Ishgarh

Boarding School
Pipilia P.O. – 457 661
Jhabua, Madhya Pradesh, India
Ph: 07390/284808, 07392/200808