Ordinations – 2023

This year the Prabhu Prakash Province is blessed with the Priestly Ordination of five new candidates. They are Rev Fr John Dokhanpau (18-01-2023), Rev Fr Romesh R Marak (20-01-2023), Rev Fr Alphonse Lyngkhoi (21-01-2023), Rev Fr Sandeep Bariya (20-02-2023) and Rev Fr Rajesh Vijayakumar (06-02-2023). Out of Five ordinations three were from northeast India, which is indeed a historical moment, as they were the first members to become priests in our province from the North East India. A good number of fathers especially from Arunachal Local community and the diocesean priests were present for the Ordinations. We ensure them our prayers and wish them God’s abundant blessings as they initiate their ministry as a priest in different levels.